Domestic Violence

The Midwest Domestic Violence Resource Center is a comprehensive program of treatment and social change which offers services to both abusers and survivors of domestic violence.

The ATAM (Alternatives and Treatment for Abusive Men) program is a treatment program designed to eliminate violence by teaching non-abusive, non-controlling behavioral alternatives. The one-year program involves primarily group therapy.

Specialized services are available for women who have been emotionally, verbally, or physically abused in their intimate relationships. These services are designed to offer support and healing for women as they regain control over their lives.

Anger management and social skills training are provided to teens who are experiencing problems with anger and abuse in their homes, schools and/or communities. The program consists of group therapy for teens to learn and practice communication, problem solving, relaxation, and other basic skills necessary to cope with anger and disarm potentially abusive situations. Family therapy is coordinated and allows families to share and experience non-abusive problem solving and conflict resolution.